4 Nov 2011

Bow-tie blouse ideas!


When thinking of bows the Dutch designers Viktor & Rolf come first to my mind. They are known of the use of bows in their designs in many different ways. They even made a rather interesting wedding dress for one of the Dutch princesses, completely covered with 248 small and large bows! When making plans for fall sewing I had patterns for two bow-tie blouses since I don't have any. The first one is going to be a Jasmine blouse. My inspiration is a navy blue blouse with light colored collar/bow from Modcloth:

I think the color combination will look lovely with the pattern! See my muslin here.
I was browsing the internet looking for different styles of bow-tie blouses and there are many! 
I've picked a few here:

Sailor style, without the sailor collar!
Clean and simple lines from Vila satin (on the left) and Topshop ' Ellie bow blouse' where the collar at the back is actually just a yoke:


Sometimes the bow is a scarf!
Heidi Merrick dress with a huge, voluminous scarf (right) and extra long ties at Gucci's (left):

Gucci blouse

When a bow is not enough!
The bow is usually the only feature on a garment, but here it is combined with an embroidered neckline (Robert Rodriguez embroidered chiffon blouse on the left) and a collar made of little bows, and another bows at the cuffs (Mulberry silk bow blouse on the right)


Delicate fabric!
Thin and sheer fabric drapes beautiful. An oversized and sheer in combination with a halter neck on the left (Jules B 'Milly blouse') The fabric has to have some stiffness to it though to make the bow hang like that. A long, soft hanging bow in contrasting color on the right (Robert Rodriguez)


This is one of the cases when you wonder, how did they do it...
A rather huge, artistic bow from Prabal Gurung for J.Crew. The bow is incorporated in fabric folds of this Moschino blouse, as worn by Michele Obama (below)


Vivienne Westwood on the left. Asymmetrical Peter Pan style collar with a bow (Banana Rrepublic)


Finishing touch!
A scarf collar with long, fringed edges (on the left: 'Marly blouse' from Joseph) To accentuate the shape of the bow the edges are finished with contrasting fabric on this Marc Jacobs 'Polka dot' halter blouse:


Small ties!
The bow doesn't need to be big, it can be a rather subtile detail too (Diane von Furstenberg 'Pwerleena blouse') Even big graphic prints in bold colors can be combined with a subtle, thin bow with metal clips  (Diane von Furstenberg 'Whitman blouse')


Busy print! 
Even a rather busy animal print can be combined with a bow. On the left Dolce & Gabbana in leopard print, on the right 'Tiger tie neck blouse' from Cavalli:


Short ties!
Blouse from Chloe and 'Dove tail blouse' from Modcloth:


Front tie! 
Sometimes the bow is not at the neckline but a little lower. Hampden tie-front blouse on the left, a romantic blouse from Ruche on the right:


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