24 Sept 2011

Peter Pan collar for the Burda dress

Yesterday relaxed a bit with a cappuccino in the garden. The sun is back after a wet and cold summer.
I made a sketch of the dress. Finally I found the right fabric. They didn't have it in dark green, so I took the dark blue one. It is a thicker cotton sateen which is not shiny.

The weather was nice and warm so I couldn't resist reading the newest Karin Slaughter book 'Fallen'. All of her books are great. While I generally don't like love-stories I really can't wait to find out when Sarah and Will finally get together... I guess I have to finish the book first before I can go on with my dress!

I drafted the Peter Pan collar today. I used the tutorials of Gertie here to draft the collar pattern.
One thing I changed is that my collar pieces meet up almost in the middle. Because there is a zipper in the back I left just a bit in between the two parts (a total of 0.5 cm =1/5'').
First I placed the front and back pieces together to create the neckline. I used 1/2'' (=1.3 cm) overlap at the sleeve end of the shoulder seam.
I used the same width as explained int the tutorial which is 1 3/4'' (about 4,5 cm)

As for the front insert piece, I decided to omit the tucks because my fabric is quite heavy. I'm going to make 2 valse pleats for the row of buttons (on the right) I think that will be enough.


My mom just called and mentioned a dark green fabric (!!!) she has. Apparently I bought it years ago and she thought I could use it with my new sewing adventures. I didn't think of asking her about fabrics yet, so I was quite surprised she spontaneously came up with something that fits into my fall palette!
I guess I need to make the 40 minutes drive to that fabric store to be able to tackle the other colors...

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