15 Sept 2011

Skirt - finishing the waistband and the hem

I'm planning to finish the skirt today!
I didn't make a muslin for the skirt because I thought that fitting problems could easily be solved here. The fit wasn't great here, it was okay on the hips but way to big above that:

So I decided to place darts both in the front and the back. The fit is already better with the back darts here:

I used the leftover fabric from my Butterfly garden dress for the facing. I love the contrasting colours! The zipper isn't inserted yet:

Understitching on the inside:

I stitched the upper part and the sides of the facing (right side on the right side of the skirt) and then turned it back. Now I have to topstitch on the right side:

The inside after the topstitching:

Since I have an old sewing machine there is no buttonhole making program on it. I had to experiment a bit to get it right by using zigzag stitch. The try-out buttonholes are not so pretty:

And here they are! They aren't perfect, but work just fine! I marked the place of the buttonholes with a contrasting colored thread first.


Since the facing of the waistband is bright colored I decided to use a contrasting colored bias band on the hem. The combination of dark green - pink fascinates me somehow!
(I used plain zigzag stitch to finish the other seams. Just because the fabric is too thick and didn't want to add more stiffness.)

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