23 Aug 2011

Progress on the Ceylon dress

I used the same trick for cutting the pieces and matching the stripes as on my green Lonsdale dress here.
For assembling the bodice pieces I found it easier to stitch two pieces together, then press and topstitch instead of the suggested way in the pattern description (which is: staystitch not gathered edge, fold and press, then topstitch it on the right side to the gathered edge)
I'm not sure how to finish the edges this time. I might use bias finish. Still have to think about...
I'm already thinking how to skip the 18 buttonholes. The main reason for this is that I don't have a buttonhole sewing program on my sewing machine (a 1960's model) and since I wanted a fitted dress I'm afraid of gaping holes between the buttons when sitting. I'm planning to use the invisible zipper trick. Add an invisible zipper to the side seam on the left and close the front, except for the top 2 buttons. I'm going to add all the buttons on the front because I like the look of it, but they won't be functional.
I'm thinking of using fabric covered buttons. I found a great and clear tutorial for making fabric covered buttons here Though first I have to see what is available here in the local shop for sewing supplies.

The back of the bodice:

Close-up of the gathering and topstitching:

I decided to use stay tape on some of the pieces: on the lower edges of the midriff pieces, which are going to be attached to the skirt and the upper edge of the bodice pieces, under the yokes (I used the one that sticks when pressed, so there is no need to sew them. Easy!)

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