24 Mar 2015

The Great British Sewing Bee - season 3

Have you watched?
Wow, this season was loaded with the toughest sewing challenges ever! Looking back, the season 1 challenges seem so easy!
This time, besides the pattern challenge and the transformation challenge the contestants had a made-to measure challenge with models in every single episode. They had to work with slippery, sheer fabrics, lace and leather, they even had to sew a traditional, pleated Scottish kilt! Also the pattern challenges included more complicated designs, like a child's waistcoat or a boned corset.
Interestingly, there were more male contestants than in the previous seasons and two of them even made it to the top 3.
Who was your favorite? I think the most talented sewer was Neil, who's accuracy and not only neat, but also fast sewing paid off in most of the challenges.

episode 1
PC: women's trousers with an invisible zip
MM: summer dress

episode 2
PC: a child's waistcoat (fully lined and with welt pockets!)
MM: children's fancy-dress challenge

episode 3
back to the 50's, the contestants had to work with old-fashioned sewing machines
PC: the famous walk-away dress (with meters of bas binding)
MM: 50's blouse in sheer fabric

episode 4
PC: boned corset
MM: a traditional (Scottish) kilt

episode 5
PC: satin lined lace pencil skirt
MM: a leather jacket (in 6,5 hours!)

episode 6 
PC: asymmetrical japanese top, made from one pattern piece (no diagram suppied, only written instructions. This intricate pattern is published in the book 'drape drape' vol.2)
MM: an avant-garde dress

After the first and second season I thought I'd definitely be able to complete all of the challenges. This year? I really don't know. I guess the best is to stick to my Lessons learned from the Sewing Bee" I wrote back in 2013.

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