26 Mar 2015

easy baby hat (fits newborn to 2 months old) - free knitting pattern

Are you tired of all baby things yet?
This is a basic baby hat pattern I knitted a few months ago. It took me one evening. I didn't use a particular pattern and just a sewn, knit fabric baby hat to measure against. I think the most important thing is the right shape of the crown. Often patterns end up with too pointy crowns which don't look very flattering. This pattern has a nicely rounded crown and a double brim for softness. It has stocking stitch on the inside of the brim and K2, P2 border on the outside. The stocking stitch edge is folded back and secured with catch stitch to provide elasticity. You could add colorwork to it if you wished or use different stitches for the stocking stitch part.

material & sizing:
I used my favorite, fingering weight drops baby merino yarn and metric size 3 needles (size 2.5 for the brim)
gauge: 26 sts per 10 cm (approx.4 in)
Finished size will fit approx. 36-38 cm head circumference, height measured from brim to top approx. 12 cm.

Not all baby-heads are the same! To make sure your hat fits well you need the following measurements:
1. head circumference, right above the ears
2. to calculate the height you need measure from ear to ear (imagine an old fashioned headphone) and divide by two
For a larger size you could add a multiple of 10 to the amount of stitches (for larger circumference) an add extra rows to the brim and to the first, straight part before starting to decrease (for more height)
Using sport weight yarn with larger needles is another option.
the pattern:

K = knit
P = purl
K2TOG = knit two together

- Cast on 80 sts
- Knit 10 rows in stocking stitch (K on right side and P on wrong side)
- knit 10 rows K2 P2

start row counting after knitting the brim:
- row 1-10 continue in stocking stitch (you can add a colorwork pattern here or for a larger size you can add extra rows here!)
- row 11 *K8, K2TOG* repeat between ** (72 sts)
- row 19 *K7, K2TOG* repeat between ** (64 sts)
- row 23 *K6, K2TOG* repeat between ** (56 sts)
- row 27 *K5, K2TOG* repeat between ** (48 sts)
- row 29 *K4, K2TOG* repeat between ** (40 sts)
- row 31 *K3, K2TOG* repeat between ** (32 sts)
- row 33 *K2, K2TOG* repeat between ** (24 sts)
- row 35 *K2TOG* repeat between ** (12 sts)
- row 36 *K2TOG* repeat between ** (6 sts)

- Cut yarn leaving about 30 cm in length.
- Pull yarn through final 6 stitches and make a knot to pull together the top of the hat. Pull the yarn to the inside and use it to sew up the sides.
take a look here for the flat seam method
- Fold brim lining (stocking stitch part) towards inside and secure with catch stitch.

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