23 Mar 2015

diy: 'birhouse' nursery clock

Another diy project for the nursery!
I wanted to have a clock with bright colors, but couldn't find any I liked, except this quite expensive one, the Karlsson 'Woodpecker' clock:

Well, time for some diy!
I came across a wooden cutout 'bird house' below (bought at Xenos) and used the mechanism of the cheapest IKEA clock.

- IKEA 'Rusch' clock
- wooden cutout for main figure (bught at Xenos)
- wooden cutout trees or other figures to hang, mine were 'leftovers' from the Christmas decoration (also bought at Xenos)
- other embellishments of your choice (wooden bird bought at Xenos)
- abut 30cm fine chain (mine is a piece from a chain with clips to display greeting cards)
- acrylic paint
- glue

1. First removed the clock mechanism and the hands:

2. I decided where to put the mechanism. I liked the idea of the clockhands reaching over the edge.
The wooden cutout figure was thicker than the holder of the clock hands so we had to cut a a few millimeters deep layer away at the back to make it fit:

3. Glued the clock mechanism in place:

4. I painted the wooden parts and the plastic second-hand as well in contrasting colors

5. Painted and attached the other embellishments

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