25 Oct 2013

1942 Lacy gloves on two needles - 3/3

The last installment of this project. There is still enough time to start knitting as a Christmas present! In the previous posts I explained the construction of the gloves and discussed the lace pattern. In this post: my adjustments and notes plus the original pattern.
Click for part 1 here and part 2 here.

The wool I used is my current favorite, DROPS Baby Merino. It is a fingering weight 100% Merinos wool, a superwash-treated yarn. I wrote about it here. Since gloves usually are exposed to friction you can expect more problems with felting when using untreated wool. I'd suggest to use a superwash-treated or a mix-yarn. Acrylic can be a good option as well. I found that my version used up about the same amount of wool as the original: 2 oz. wool which is about 60 g. Again, a great way to use up some of your left-over yarn from previous projects.

my pattern notes 
- Yarn used: drops baby merino, needle size 3-3.5 for size M gloves
- Tension: 7 sts to the inch (28 sts for 10 cm)
- the amount of stitches is the same as the original, only the amount of rows is adjusted some places.
- to make counting the stitches easier I placed a stitchmarker next to the 24 stitches of the lace pattern (right from the first stitch of the lace pattern)
- instead of counting the stitches of the gusset as suggested by the instructions I placed two stitchmarkers right and left from the gusset increase.
- instead of increasing by knitting two stitches into one I used the method which picks up a strand between two stitches of the previous row illustrated here.
- Used a row-counter, this makes easy to keep track on the lace pattern and to knit the right amount of rows for the fingers as well.


my adjustments
- I adjusted the length of the hand and did only 16 rows instead of 18 after finishing the thumb gusset.
- I adjusted the length of the fingers, since I found the originals way too long (although I have pretty normal hands and certainly no short fingers)
thumb: 16 rows + top shaping
first finger: 20 rows + top shaping
second finger: 22 rows + top shaping
third finger: 20 rows + top shaping
fourth finger: 18 rows + top shaping

the original pattern
Note: I found two printing errors in the instructions:
- for making the first finger: start with 36 sts instead of 34, in order to end up with the 18 sts for the front and 20 for the back as stated.
- when knitting the 2-3-4th fingers you need to pick up the stitches facing the wrong side.

Pattern 1/3: Materials, tension and abbrevations:

Pattern 2/3: Left-hand glove, thumb 
(read left column, then right column)

Pattern 3/3: Continuing left hand, right hand and to make up 
(read left column, then right column)

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