22 Oct 2013

1942 Lacy gloves on two needles - 2/3

Have you started to knit already? In this post we continue the construction and stitch up the gloves. I also explain the pattern chart of the lace insert.
Click for the previous post about the construction here.

Turn the gloves inside out before stitching. Sew the thumb first, starting from the fingertop, down the side. Because you picked up the stitches between the fingers, the fingers are already attached to each other.

Continue with the sides of the other fingers top down, carefully reinforcing the piece between the fingers with a few extra stitches:

The fingers look like funny sausages!

As I don't like thick seams I used the same 'flat seam' method I described here. Instead of working from the fourth finger down along the sides I started to sew the cuff from the bottom up. The reason is to avoid knotting and darning in ends at the bottom end of the cuff:

I finished the side of the hand starting from the finger down and darning in the ends along the upper part of the cuff:

If you do it right you can work almost seamless:

the lace pattern
The main feature of these gloves are the pretty lace patterned backs. The lace pattern is 24 sts wide and 12 rows high. To avoid disappointment because of any irregularities I'd recommend to (re)count the lace stitches in every row. Although not instructed I'd recommend to place a stitch marker next to the first stitch of the lace pattern. That way you'll always know where to start and where to end your pattern. As always, I worked with a visual pattern chart.

the pattern chart

After the first 12 rows of pattern as in the chart above (the pattern unit starts from the vertical line on the right and ends at the horizontal line on top) 
did you know...
...that lace patterns are made up using three basic stitches: yo (yarn over) which creates the holes, k2tog (knit two together) which makes your stitch next to the hole lean to the right and sl, k, p.s.s.o. (slip one, knit one and pass slipped stitch over) which makes your stitch next to the hole lean to the left. 

reversing the lace pattern
The pattern instructs to reverse the lace pattern for the other glove to make them look symmetrical. This is not as hard to do as it seems. you just need to mirror it and replace the K2TOG's (=knit two together) by PSSO's (=slip one, knit one, pass slipped stitch over) and the PSSO's by K2TOG's.

Next up: my adjustments, pattern notes and the original pattern.

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