10 Sept 2013

1930's summer fashion - Poirot series part 4.

Well, the summer has almost gone here in Western Europe. After a couple of warm and sunny days it is raining again. To say goodbye to the summer here are another screenshots from the Poirot-series. This time the outfits from the season 1 episode 'Triangle at Rhodes'.
Instead of his usual partners Poirot gets help from Miss Lyall, a very curious young lady, who assists Poirot to solve a case, while on holidays in Greece.
She is going to wear the most colorful outfits of this episode, and we are going to see more gloves than ever before!
did you know...
...that Agatha Christie's second husband was an archaeologist, Max Mallowan? They married in 1930 and the writer spent two decades living and traveling in the Middle East. 
In one of the opening shots Miss Lyall is dressed in a pale beige, 'safari-style' suit. When she moves we see that the skirt is quite flared at the bottom. She wears sportive, flat heeled 'bowling' shoes:

Look at the matching accessories: a deep red brooch, earrings in the same color and even her gloves are in red and white. At right a similar summer cruise suit from 1936:

Some of the characters look rather pale, almost invisible. The dress on the left features a folded cape-like design (shoulder pads!) and gauntlet gloves with buttons:

Unfortunately (as so often) this elegant, layered outfit is seen only once. The upper layer has scalloped edges. Luckily for us there is a close-up of the intriguing neckline which has an edging in contrasting, navy color. And look at the pretty bag and those shoes:


'Seaside smartness' from 1935. Below quite a few similar designs:
Source newspaper image: AWW through Trove

The pointy asian style hat was a 30's rage. The two lady's walking by in a short scene are wearing sleeveless, pastel colored summer outfits (unfortunately no close-ups)

Ready for bathing - 30's style. Pretty cartwheel hat on the right:

Bathing shoes and 'surf-gowns':

Elegant, navy and white outfit with high waisted trousers. The top has an asymmetrical pattern and ties in the front. the sleeves of the jacket are lined in the same color. Pretty gauntlet style gloves complement the outfit:

There is another colorful design, though the trousers look the same, the right one with the red buttons at front is actually a short version:

A close-up of the puffed sleeves (cut on the bias) and the folded back which ties in the front. The bonnet-hat is made from the same fabric, with a bow in the back:


How pretty is this one? A cotton dress with red and navy dots. The dress has a double-pointed collar with an asymmetrical closure and huge red buttons on the wide button tab. The multi-colored leather belt matches the bag in the same colors:

And yet another pair of pretty gauntlet gloves, this time with a bright red and white rick-rack edge:

The lady on the left wears a helmet-style hat. Her dress looks very pretty with ruffles and a bow closure in the front. the gentleman wears a silk scarf in bright colors with his white jacket:

Crochet lace gloves:

A blouse with pastel colors and flutter sleeves with linen trousers. In the close-up you see the ridge/pintuck details of the seemingly simple hat:

Below right an 1933 AWW illustration of the 'Jiffy-blouse' as made and as worn. This pastel green blouse looks very similar with the flutter sleeves and ties.
did you know...
...that the 'Jiffy-blouse' (or 'instant'-blouse) was an 1933-34 rage. Similar to the well-known walk-away dress idea, it was cut in one piece and required no sewing, just a picot or bounedging along the edges and neck. You woulput your head through the square, tied the two front ends at the centre back, then tie the back ends at the side. 

Another oriental style hat, this time with a tie and flower decorations, and a complementing bathing robe in bright colors:

Of course, the evening dresses are present as well, worn with matching evening-gloves. This is a dress in golden color. Both the back and the front are adorned with roses made of the same fabric. Worn with a turban:


The yellow and peach dresses are quite different. The peach one has a cape detail and rows of crossed spaghetti-straps in the back, the yellow one has spaghetti straps and sequin decoration with a sequined belt:



The yellow dress has a short sleeved jacket, made of the same fabric:

In the meantime outside we see this lady stepping on a boat. The hat has a wide, folded ribbon accent and we get a peek of the polkadot lining of the sleeve:

A beige dress with blue accents.

In the close-ups there are many details visible: the dress has raglan sleeves, The blue details are actually made of a polkadot fabric. The same fabric is used on the hat which is secured with a hatpin:

The always colorful Miss Lyall in a pale orange dress. The accents are of tartan fabric in contrasting colors:

The skirt of this dress is not flared, there are only a few tucks to give some room when walking. This straight and narrow silhouette is typical for the early to mid-30's:

The shiny straw hat has two-colored ribbon detail with the straps hanging down in the front:

Pretty gauntlets with pintuck edges. The color of the leather bag matches the hat:

The last dress is a cotton frock for summer nights, of course, with a bolero in matching (cotton) fabric. In the close-ups we see the flower pattern which is brightened by pink dots. The upper edge is folded in pleats and has wide shoulder straps:


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