17 Jul 2013

Vintage sewing box found on the street

Look what I've got!
Yesterday, around midnight I was biking home with my BF from a relaxing park-concert. (Basically, you take your own food, drink and a cloth, listen to the music and chat with friends...)
He spotted this sewing box on the street in a pile of junk, the 50's shaped legs drawing his attention. We were close to our new house so the box travelled with us on the steering wheel of his bike.
The picture is not the best, made with artificial light and a cellphone at night, but you get the idea. The box had two of the original inserts and was full with little spoons of thread, zippers and other stuff in cigar boxes.
My BF is going to fix the closure which should 'glide' from one side to another and then I can put my own sewing stuff in it!

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