1 Apr 2015

What to wear when nursing in public?

For the record, just because supermodel Doutzen Kroes is spotted breastfeeding her daughter on the street in Amsterdam, it's not like breastfeeding in public is a common thing here in the Netherlands! In the contrary, I can't really remember ever seeing a woman nurse in public...
For the first time we had a family gathering, about an hour from home and at a public place, so I tried to figure out what I should wear.

Speaking for myself, I really wouldn't mind breastfeeding in public,but it's 't
he others' who are getting rather uncomfortable by the idea of watching me nurse. Of course, I could use nursing covers, scarves, blankets, whatever to 'hide' my baby's but I simply hate both the idea and the look of hiding! Especially because I'm convinced that nursing is a normal and natural thing to do...

I really don't like nursing tops which are all the same, mostly unflattering wrap-overs and screaming from miles 'nursing top'. I do have 2 roomy long tops which have a wide neckline which I can pull down. I like to wear them with skinny jeans and have already used it in combination with a nursing bra.
It worked well, when we had visitors at home and they weren't bothered by the idea of having a glimpse of my boob by accident. At the end of the day a nursing bra simply exposes everything, so it is far from ideal when nursing in public.

This is what I wear at home:

These tops are supercomfy! I discovered these at H&M, after wearing nursing bra's at night for weeks (!) which was really uncomfortable.
But, back to 'public':
There is one type nursing bra, from the quite expensive Belgian brand 'Mammae' which has a nice 'up-down' opening, but again, it is covered by a padded 'flap' which opens sideways:

Mammae nursing bra

While I like the luxurious look of this bra and do prefer the up-down opening of the inner layer I ask myself where you leave the outer, padded layer when nursing.

When searching the internet I've found this rather simple idea: 'Megan Nielsen's 'no-sew nursing top solution' and decided to try. I liked the idea of a cami which forms a sort of 'modesty panel' at the front, so there would be no cleveage visible above the baby's head. After a quick wardrobe search I decided to try it on an old cami which I wanted to throw away because it was too short. The fabric is quite stretchy, so my 7 cm diameter holes stretched out and became quite larger when I've put it on. (good to know for next time) I wore a non-padded nursing bra underneath.
I must say, it worked well!

Now, since this was a try-out I'm planning to make another 'set'. Just a few things to remember next time:
- use a nursing bra and a cami of the same color (this one seems a nobrainer, but still...for now, I only have white nursing bra's)
- start by cutting smaller holes at first and try it on a few times
I keep you posted!

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