15 Apr 2015

My top 3 breastfeeding essentials

Well, breastfeeding was no fun in during the first weeks, I had sore, cracked nipples and we couldn't manage anything even close to a perfect latch. Using a nipple shield made things even worse. The pain remained and our little guy couldn't latch on without that thing. I tried and I we both cried but we pushed through. After 6 weeks of nursing with pain things got better and since week 8 everything goes great!
I guess when it comes to breastfeeding you have to be determined instead of just 'trying' to breastfeed your baby. Sadly, in our society is formula the new 'normal' and people often find the idea of breastfeeding something weird...
Anyway, I'm planning to go continue at least for the first year.
  • H&M nursing top
During the first weeks of nursing I was wearing a nursing bra at night and hated it (you just shouldn't sleep with a bra on). Now I wear this top instead of and it is really comfy. It comes in a 2-pack, white and black colors. Even if you aren't sure you want to continue breastfeeding these tops are a better investment than a nursing bra.
  • manual breast pump
Though I have an electric pump, I reach for this one quite often. It is really easy to use and works great! I have a second hand Philips Avent 'Isis' (this an older one, now discontinued and replaced by the 'Manual Comfort'). It is safe to buy a second hand manual pump because every part can be cleaned and sterilized.
  • reusable silicone nursing pads
I have 'Lilypadz' and wear it with a regular nursing bra instead of a padded one (somehow I'm unable to find a padded one that fits). No nipples visible under a t-shirt. Great!

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