15 Mar 2015

diy: diaper changing mat & diaper kit

I've got a second hand diaper bag. I didn't really use it at first, only put my handbag into it. Then I realized that it was easy to stuff my groceries in the diaper bag, then I started to realize that I might start to carry baby-stuff around...
My second hand diaper bag, handed down by a friend came without the original changing mat, so I decided to make one. Browsing the internet I came up with the idea of a diaper kit to carry a few diapers and wet towels. The ones you can buy are way too expensive.

diaper kit:
You know my love for IKEA stuff by now. I love this plastified 'Lialotta' fabric. It is water resistant with an acrylic finish. The diaper kit is made to hold 3-4 diapers and a bag of wet towels. I lined it with water resistant lining (IKEA plastic sheet I used to have in my bed by the end of the pregnancy) I used light blue bias tape to finish the edges and added simple velcro tape.

diaper changing mat:

The mat is waterproof and wipeable. It is large and to add some softness it is padded with two layers of thin jacket padding. The folding lines are stitched down which makes it easy to fold up.
It has a pocket to hold one old fashioned cloth diaper to cover for comfort when used. The pocket has a waterproof lining just in case the cloth diaper gets wet (with little boys you never know...)

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