13 Mar 2014

vintage baby bootie pattern from 1935

Prepare for the cutest baby booties ever!!!
Continuing this 30's inspired week here is the next quick little project.
These 1935 booties named 'Baby Beautiful' have lace socks and little pink shoes! A fast knit, about two evenings for a pair. It is certainly an intermediate project, because of the lace pattern. These booties are knitted in a 'charming lace stitch' and in combination with a little matinee jacket are part of a 2-piece set called 'baby beautiful'.
did you know...
...that making baby booties is a great exercise to improve your knitting? Making a baby bootie is quick and it is much more fun to knit than boring swatches. While getting handy knitting interesting stitches, lace patterns and cables you also exercise in decreasing, increasing stitches and shaping garments.

"Matinee jacket and bootees for the 6 months to 12 months old babe.Made in a silk and wool mixture, the little booties have pink shoes knitted on to them, and are truly delightful."
By looking at the original picture you only get an vague idea of the lace pattern, but not of the color combination. The original booties are finished with little rosebuds on top, but I felt that would be just way too sweet:

The construction is top-down, and there is a seam along the sole and the back of the socks.
This is what it looks like before sewing:

Close-up of the lace pattern. Pretty, right? As always when working on lace patterns I suggest to count your stitches after every row, to make sure you didn't miss anything.

material & sizing:
  • The original pattern instructs to use no 9 needles and a silk and wool mix yarn. Tension is not specified.
  • I made my sample with fingering weight acrylic yarn at a gauge of 26 sts=10 cm (6,5 sts to 1 inch) with metric size 3 needles. The finished bootee measures 10 cm (=4 in) from heel to toe. 

abbreviations for beginners:
k = knit
p = purl
m1 = make one, which is here a yarn over 
k. 2 tog. = knit two together
s. 1= slip one stitch over
p.s.s.o. = pass slipped stitch over the loop of the k2tog stitch

original pattern:

Newspaper images: AWW through Trove


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