27 Dec 2013

impression of the Chanel exhibition in the Hague


Above right Gabriele Chanel in 1929, wearing a jersey suit.
Finally visited the Chanel exhibition in the Hague I wrote about here. I made a couple of pictures, but the glass screens and poor lighting didn't make it easy, so here is an impression:

1920's Chanel dresses:


the little black dress section (not only Chanel's!)


60's Chanel suit:

pocket details (on the right grosgrain ribbon!)

details of a 20's cotton dress:


A beautiful silk evening gown:


The delicate fabric edges were finished with tiny zigzag stitches!

More jacket details, different cuffs and pockets:

did you know that...
...professional 'copying houses' have been making illegal, counterfeit versions of Coo Chanel couture for years? It has even happened that Chanel suits, ready fir shipment to the United States, were stolen off the ship so that they could be copied quickly and hung back.

Real and copied suits. Though the one on the left is not a real Chanel, I love the shape!

Inside a real Chanel jacket:

...and in a real Chanel jacket! Visitors were aloud to try one on for a picture!

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