14 Oct 2013

WW2 Moviestars made their own clothes - 1943 article

"This casually tailored blue suedette suit is perfect for all occasions says Theresa Wright who wears this outfit in her latest Universal movie 'Shadow of a doubt' and had it copied in beige for her personal wardobe. In the top-picture Theresa is seen re-making last years plead coat into a perky little pinafore frock, which she plans to team with crisp white blouses to wear for afternoon at home."
Can you imagine the moviestars of our days sitting behind their sewing machines and making their own outfits? Me neither...
Even when they kept looking glamorous during the WW2 years, not everything was as easy as it seemed. While MGM and Universal studios had a huge collection of costumes on hand they had to deal with the clothing restrictions as well. Scroll down to read the article!

Source article: AWW through Trove

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