3 Jul 2013

My 1940's knitted scarf + pattern!

I found this very pretty knitting pattern on page 26 of the 9 march 1940 issue of the 'Australian Women's Weekly'. The color illustration was even on the cover! We are not used to knit without any pictures, it is always a guess whether the illustration is correct or there is a little bit of artistic freedom involved. Since I did like the illustration I wanted to give it a try. I'am not disappointed! The illustration is correct, the finished design has the pretty, pleated borders!
source: Australian Women's Weekly magazine through Trove

1940's scarf pattern
To make the pattern more visual I made a chart of it (this illustration is not part of the original pattern) As you can see it is a triangle pattern made up of knit and purl rows:

When knitted it gives a 3-dimensional pleated effect:

My notes and adjustments:
- For the scarf I used about 200g/7oz of 'Pingouin Le yarn 3 chine' in color 'jeans' (yarn specifications: 50g=90m=100yds 76%Acrylic/20%Wool/4%Viscose) The original pattern probably used thinner yarn in combination with a bigger size needle, resulting in a more loosely knitted scarf
- Needles: metric size 3 (=US 2 =old UK 11)
- to make the edges look tight I slipped over the first stitch of every row (knit- or purlwise following the pattern) instead of knitting, though the pattern doesn't specify this.

- I made the middle section longer than the length suggested in the pattern because I couldn't make a knot with the 22 in/56 cm. I simply tried this a couple of times when knitting and ended up with 80cm/31,5 in instead.

Original material specifications:
- 3 ply super fingering wool (4 oz for scarf + gloves)
- Gauge: 1x1 in: 7 st and 9 rows
- No 9 'Vyella' needles (the old UK size 9 is metric 3.75 and US 5)
- Finished scarf length: 38 in (=96 cm)

- Cast on 70 stitches
- Knit the pattern rows in total 6 times.
- In the next row you are going to decrease, this gives the flared ends of the scarf. After the last row of pattern: *K1, K2TOG* K1 (47 st)
- Now start with the middle section of the scarf:
Row 1: P
Row 2: *K1, P1* K1
Repeat Row 1 and 2 for a length of 22 in (=56 cm) and end with a Purl row.
- Continue with increasing as follows:
Row 4: *K1, INC* K1 (70 st)
- Repeat the 10 pattern rows for 6 times in reverse order (start with row 10 and end with row 1)
- Cast off

Notice: I do not own this pattern. 
The original pattern is free available through the Trove website HERE

Right side left, wrong side right:

Right side:

Wrong side:

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