25 Jun 2013

On my needles - Trinity/Blackberry stitch hat

Yes, there is another hat in the make...
I've found this 80%acrylic/20% wool yarn and wanted to test with a smaller piece how it 'behaves' when wearing and washing. If it all goes well I might try to make a sweater!

By the way, this is the only picture which represents the real color, the other pics turned out kinda greyish:

I started with my trusty doubled brim as always, but this time I made picot-edge which looks pretty:

The pattern is the 'Blueberry'  or 'Trinity'  stitch which I've spotted on one of Miss Lemon's sweaters too. It is really easy to make and still looks special:/> Blackberry or Trinity pattern
Row 1. *P*
Row 2. *P3TOG, K1-P1-K1 in the next stitch*
Row 3. *P*
Row 4. *K1-P1-K1 in one stitch, P3TOG*
Repeat rows 1 to 4
When working on circle needles you only work on the wrong side of the pattern: rows 1 an 3 are: *K* (Rows 2 and 4 remain the same!)

- On my sample this stitch took up a little bit extra in the width compared to plain stockinette. To avoid a 'shrunken' look like above, I used a smaller size needle on the brim and changed to bigger when starting the pattern.

This is the wrong side patternwise, but the side I'm working on:

- After making a mistake in counting which made a row of bobbles shift I started to use a stitch marker (a plain safety needle was on hand) to mark the last stitch of every row. Well these things happen when you are trying to knit a pattern with a practically invisible dark thread in the evening while watching TV... (Anyway, I left it as it is, since I don't think it will be disturbing in the finished item)

- An easy trick to determine whether you have to continue with an even or uneven row: After you finish an even row the stitches are divided in groups':

After you finish an uneven row your stitches are evenly distributed on your needle:

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