3 Jun 2013

On my needles - knitted hat and a basket weave cowl

Since I was knitting I started another hat-shawl project.
The hat has the same doubled brim as the emerald green one . It took a little less than a 100 g yarn (74 % acrylic with 20% wool and 6% viscose) and it costed just 2 euro's.

From the same yarn I'm going to make a wide shawl/cowl that I can wrap twice around my neck. Since the hat is made with simple and quick stockinette knit I choose a decorative '3-dimensional' pattern for the shawl. There are different versions of this 'basket weave pattern'. The blocks of mine are basically formed by altering 4 rows of 3 knit stitches and 4 rows of 3 purl stitches, with a vertical row of purl stitches between the little squares:

Basket weave pattern:
Cast on an amount of stitches that is a multiple of 8 plus 1 extra 

Row 1: *5P, 3K* finish row with 1P
Row 2: start row with 1K *3P, 5K*
Row 3: same as row 1
Row 4: same as row 2
Row 5: start row with 1P *3K, 5P*
Row 6: *5K, 3P* finish with 1K
Row 7: same as row 5
Row 8: same as row 6
Repeat row 1 to 8

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