19 Jun 2013

Miss Lemon wardrobe files: 2. Black pieces

Black is a great basic color in every wardrobe, so the first seven outfits of Miss Lemon are black. She has some basic pieces like tops but she really prefers to wear dresses. And if you didn't know yet, she likes busy prints too!

Black jabot blouse
It is certainly not easy to cath a good view of this long sleeved blouse. The details of the ruffled jabot are barely visible because of the busy print. The jabot has a row of three white buttons as decoration. In a few scenees Miss Lemon bends over and only then can you see that the jabot is not stitched down. The black collar is made of fabric with a ribbed texture, the same fabric is used for the cuffs.


'Rose garden' cardigan
The cardigan is made of a fabric with mosaic-like grey roses print. The front and the cuffs have a black finish. The edges of the front and the neckline are finished with contrasting black fabric. I guess there is no closure because Miss Lemon always wears it open. She combines it with different dresses and separates.


Black flower frock with ruffled jabot collar
Because of the busy fabric the details are not always clearly visible. The high, round neck has no collar but a jabot embellishment that is folded in soft, zigzagging pleats in the front. A shot of the back reveals a button closing at the back of the neckline and a pleated waistline.

Black bow frock
A black frock with white flower print. The dress has short, gathered sleeves which are finished with ruffles just above the elbows. The high, rectangular neckline is decorated with a large, diagonally places white bow.


Black 'bobbly' sweater
This is one of Miss Lemon's favourite tops! At the first sight it seems to be a black top with just too many embellishments around the neckline, worn with a small, black leather belt. Since it is a returning item in several episodes we get the chance to observe it in different light circumstances. Turns out this black, long sleeved knit sweater has a potential! First of all, it has a 'bobbly' structure. In the close-ups there are also small holes visible in the pattern, so I guess this could be knitted with the 'Blackberry stitch'. The front around the neckline is decorated with a 6 rows of U-shaped lines knitted in the pattern. And then: the top has actually no collar at all! Most often Miss Lemon wears it with a double layered collar below: this white upper collar has a delicate print and is secured with a flower pattern brooch. The second under layer is black with a scalloped edge off-white and black lace finish.


The version without the collar: here with a detachable bow in the middle:

Black jacket with cording
The long sleeved jacket closes with one single button at the neckline. There are surface cording details running down the front. Miss Lemon wears this jacket to a funeral.

'Action painting' top
This top appears in one of the later episodes, in season 7. The fabric has a black and white abstract print. The neckline is finished with black bias fabric and a black bow. The deeper middle section of the neckline has a lace insert.

Next up: the blue outfits!

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