30 May 2013

Contribution to 'Help a kitten with a knitten'

Of course, past week I have been busy with another in-between-project, for animal protection this time. The shelters are full again. The animal protection in the Netherlands started a project 'Help a kitten with a knitten'. They ask you to knit kittens which they are going to sell. The money goes to the shelters to save more abandoned kittens which gets sterilized, vaccinated and placed.
On their website they provide the pattern. Of course, since I was already knitting and love cats, I felt I had to participate! I didn't have much wool so I bought some and started a knitting marathon to produce 10 knittens! They are all grey, white and black and have pretty green button-eyes. The filling came from an old IKEA pillow. The total costs for the wool, buttons were 10 euro's for me, but I don't mind and see it as my contribution.

The little family:

Here are all of my 'knittens':

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