7 Jan 2013

2012 review?

I didn't do much sewing this year, did I? Still managed to be a pattern tester for the Sewaholic Cambie dress and made up a Renfrew top and a cloche hat. Still didn't finish the brown Burda top though...
In the meantime a lot happened. It was probably one of the busiest years of my life until now!

Back in january I've got a new job, started with a new BA course, in june we've bought a house, in october I've got diagnosed with Graves' disease (a thyroid disorder) after everyoe thought I was having some kind of nervous brake down... I felt terrible. By the end of the year I've decided to quit both my job and the BA course and go back to my old job. I'm now on medication. After months of feeling exhausted, gaining weight and feeling completely worthless (partly because of a necessary combination of two medicines) I'm feeling much better now! I have more energy, start to feel like I was 'before'. I started running again, we're trying to finish the remodeling in the house by the end of february and hope to pick up sewing by that time as well!

Sewing plans 2013:
1. There are two patterns I'd like to start with, the Sewaholic Alma blouse and the Sewaholic pants. I like the clean lines and great fit of the Sewaholic patterns!


2. I'd really like to make a suit jacket. With a swayback and a broad upper back it is not easy to find good fitting ones. One of these would do the trick:
A vintage vogue re-edition (2885) and a vintage inspired Burda 7173.


3. Since I love dresses I already had plans to make up these dresses (Simplicity 2145 and Vogue 1224) Both are patterns from the past years and both are for knits:


Of course, there is a lot more I'd like to make! I keep collecting inspirational pics of dresses and fabrics...

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  1. I hope you will get better and better very soon and that your life will get back to normal. Your pattern choices are great!