18 Oct 2012

Burda magazine - to buy or not to buy?


My mom used to buy Burda through the 80's. I had a subscription a few years back but after a while the design seemed all the same. Nowadays I occasionally buy a Burda if there are a couple interesting designs. In the past it was possible to lend magazines from the library, but they recently stopped and you only can read it there. (What's the point if you can't copy the patterns?) So now I try to figure out whether there are designs worth the money or not. Considering that one PDF pattern from the burdastyle website costs as much as one issue (plus ink and paper for printing) it is cheaper to buy the magazine anyway.

The latest issue I've got is the 09/2012. Actually I've bought it for the pattern of the dress above because of the interesting dart lines. Both the pink and the lace is mede from the same pattern #109. But there are more pretty, mostly retro inspired designs there:

#118 and #114

#108 and #103

#132 and #102+#116

Another issue I have is the 10/2011. I made my fourties style blue dress from that one.

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