9 Feb 2012

Creating a cloche pattern - part 2.

Part two of my cloche pattern design-cahallenge. My own 1920's cloche is ready!
Scroll down for more pics (side view)
I consider this fleece hat as a wearable muslin. I'm going to wear tomorrow when I bike to work early in the morning! The top of my hat is a single layer but the side and the brim are double layered for more warmth and strength. The fleece comes from the IKEA. It is a 3 Euro fleece blanket:

What I did after fitting my first muslin:
- marked all the seam-lines with pencil
- took the muslin apart 
- traced all the pieces 
- added seam-allowances
- decided to make another muslin out of fleece, which I also could wear as a winter hat.

Since fleece seams can't be pressed I topstitched on both sides of the seams:

Several layers of fleece would be too thick to sew so I've cut the corners and at the places with more than two layers I've cut away 1/2 of the seam allowance on the third layer:

And here it is! The transformed blanket.
I quickly tied a grey ribbon around above the brim to get an idea of how it would look with 20's style embellishments. I could imagine this hat made out of velvet or very short haired faux fur.
(It was already evening when I made the pictures that's why they are a bit blurry)


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