21 Sept 2011

Laptop sleeve from IKEA cushion cover

I've recently bought my MAC laptop and wanted a laptop sleeve to protect it. It is handy if you have to take your laptop with you in a bag or just to store it at home. The prices were 25 € and up, so I decided to make one myself. Of course, with as little effort as possible... If you can sew you don't want to pay too much for something like this because it is so easy to make.

I decided to start out with a cushion cover with a zipper already inserted. I went to IKEA and choose the 'Ritva' pillow cover. It costed only 4.99 €. It is made out of a sturdier fabric: a thick cotton with a nice structure. The original size was 50x50 cm. I prewashed it in really hot water to let it shrink a bit.

My laptop is 13'' (=33 cm), so I added a few cm's at the sides because of the thickness of the laptop and the lining and because I wanted to have a little extra room (in that way the zipper won't scratch the laptop surface). I ended up with +5 cm in width.

I saved the zipper of course, just left it in place and cut through it when taking in the width. The finished size of the sleeve is approx. 38x28 cm from side to side.

For the lining I used a double layer of a lime green 'Polarvide' fleece blanket (1.99 €).  I made the lining 'envelope' first, then inserted with the wrong side out and hand sewn it around the edges to attach it to the black sleeve layer.
For about 7 € I've got my laptop sleeve!

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