9 Sept 2011

Next up... a skirt

I had this idea of making a fall version of the Ceylon dress out of a beautiful dark green rib fabric I had. Unfortunately, I seem to have cut up the fabric about 9 years ago and ended up with a piece of 1.30 meters and two hopeless UFO's. At the end of the day, no way I can manage to make a dress out of the bits and pieces. But what I can make is a skirt! I have to puzzle a bit to get all the pieces out of the fabric.
I don't really have skirts for fall and winter so this seems to be a good opportunity to work on some separates!

UFO nr.1 some kind of 3/4 trousers (this is really a 'what was I thinking' moment...)

UFO nr.2 a really mini skirt (well, back then it seemed long enough...)

After unpicking the seams (well I did a good job on finishing those pleats!) I'm left with quite a big piece of fabric, which I think I can use for the pockets:

And this is the plan, from a Knipmode magazine:

I think I need to make the skirt less full, but otherwise I can manage it.

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