26 Aug 2011

Fabric covered buttons and bound buttonholes

I decided to do fabric covered buttons and make three bound buttonholes.
For the buttons I purchased a set (they only had one, for 5 buttons the other 3 packages arrive next tuesday...)
The pattern calls for 3/4 inches buttons, which is 16 mm. The set came with clear instructions and making the buttons was so easy!


I decided to reinforce the fabric with Vliseline facing:




It is going to look like this:

As for the buttonholes I used the Sewaholic tutorial here. My buttons are 19 mm (diameter), so I'm going to make 20 mm long buttonholes. I was hesitating a bit which width to use for the lips, then I decided to go with the 3 mm wide ones.
Here is a try-out buttonhole! I reinforced the back of the fabric again:



Not perfect yet, but definitely not bad!

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