31 Jul 2011

Making the Lonsdale dress

Started to make the dress.
I decided to finish the seams in a neat way. (By the way, the great thing about this dress is that it has a minimum of seam finishing!) The unfinished edges of the bodice are all on the inside. I don't have a serger. Learned to sew from my grandma and she used to do the edges with zigzag stitch. I wanted to try something that looks a bit better, a turned and stitched finishing (just pressed the raw edges under and stitched)

The seams of the bodice and skirt are covered with the inside waistband:

Since I wanted to use an invisible zipper I've left the inside bodice open at the edges. I've installed the zipper first and I can cover it with the inside bodice part. Read here how I did it!

My invisible zipper foot. I choose often for an invisible zipper because it looks neat and of course, it is invisible!



  1. I hopped over here from Tasia's blog --> I love how your dress turned out! I'm eager to start on mine but have a work-in-progress I really want to finish first ....

  2. Nice way of finishing the seams! :) I'll keep it in mind for my Lonsdale.